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Ann Burgard was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she began working in film and television production as an independent set builder but most notably as assistant to Mark Frost, one of the creators of the hit television series Twin Peaks.

Frequent visits to Santa Fe, New Mexico — where Ann began investing in real estate — awakened Ann’s love of horses, service work, and building. In 1995, she left the entertainment business to start her own company as a general contractor and to focus on the passions that continue to drive her today.

Ann has spent more than 20 years working with women battling addiction, both on a one-on-one level and through a number nonprofit committees.

In 2010, Ann moved to Santa Barbara, where she continues to serve her community. She has been volunteering for the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade as an equipment operator and team captain since 2018.

She remains active in her general-contracting business and is the mother of twins, Nora and Quinn.