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Safe Routes to School – Trail Network

The Bucket Brigade and our partners are working to improve community safety with neighborhood-led trail-building partnerships. With the help of the Montecito Trails Foundation, Montecito Community Foundation, Santa Barbara County, and many others, we are training volunteers and volunteer leaders through hands-on community cooperation. This is a core tenet of the Bucket Brigade system: train volunteers through community uplift projects to prepare systems and leaders for deployment during a crisis or disaster.

Happening Now: The Hot Springs Walking Trail!
The Bucket Brigade, Montecito Trails Foundation, and SB County Public Works are building a new trail from Vons to Middle Road. We need your help to do it! Please support our work with a donation to improve pedestrian safety in your neighborhood. You can also sign up to volunteer.

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North Jameson Walking Trail

This safe-route-to-school partnership was formed after the debris flow of 2018 to restore safe pedestrian access to local schools and stores.

By working together and by partnering with Santa Barbara County Public Works through a Road Enhancement Partnership Permit (REPP), we were able to build this 1/2-mile trail in just 6 weeks.

Olive Mill Walking Trail

This partnership built on the success of our NJWT project and team.  The bar was raised on this project – it was constructed during COVID-19 with the expert help of Steve Hanson Landscaping.

This trail is 1/2-mile long and connects the NJWT to Casa Dorinda, the Peter Bakewell Trail and, soon, to the Hot Springs Walking Trail in 2021

Cold Spring Walking Trail

This partnership with Westmont College and Cold Spring School brought out 300 student athletes in 20 teams led by the Bucket Brigade for a one-day, one-mile massive trail repair.

Cold Spring School has had pedestrian safety challenges for decades and the neighborhood is determined to improve student (and grownup) pedestrian safety.  The Bucket Brigade is training volunteers and volunteer leaders through this innovative neighborhood improvement project.

Montecito Walking Trail Network

In a coordinated response to the Montecito Community Plan, the Bucket Brigade, Montecito Trails Foundation and Santa Barbara County are launching a community-driven pedestrian safety campaign.

Through neighborhood partnerships, we are working to improve pedestrian safety throughout the community with the construction of public walking trails along roadways in the public right-of-way.

Since January 9th 2018, we have repaired over 5.3 miles of neighborhood trails and constructed over a mile of new, on-road “Walking Trails” in the area damaged by the debris flow.  Over 1000 volunteers have stepped up to help.  We need your help to keep this project going.  A donation to support trail building will help us rent the machines and buy the materials needed to make safe, reliable trails for the community.

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