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We never think that a disaster will strike our neighborhood, at least we hope it won’t! However, the last few years in Santa Barbara County have reminded us that it is not a question of IF it will happen, but WHEN.

After the Tea Fire, Jesusita Fire, Sherpa Fire, Thomas Fire and Debris Flow, Paint Fire, and Alisal Fire, we know that our region is very vulnerable to natural disasters.  When you throw in the potential for earthquakes and tsunamis, it is clear that we need to be prepared.

Preparedness begins with organization. An organized person, neighborhood, community, or country has the potential to for resilience.  If there is disorganization at any of those levels, your resilience capacity decreases.  We have a saying in the Bucket Brigade: “Community X Cooperation = Resilience.”  Cooperation is built on a foundation of trust and organization.  A community that is organized, in which people know each other and have trust-based relationships, has the most resilience capacity and that is where we start our work at the Bucket Brigade.