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March 30, 2020

Dear Bucket Brigade Volunteers and Supporters,

In response to today’s national emergency declaration to address the coronavirus pandemic, we are alerting available Bucket Brigade captains and volunteers. There is an urgent community need for organized volunteer assistance now and in the days to come.

Here are two ways you can help:

  1. Sign Up to Volunteer:
    We will provide volunteer support to the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, Boys and Girls Clubs and Meals on Wheels as they ramp up food delivery to vulnerable families. We are going to need to mobilize a large team of volunteers to help with safe and organized food delivery to hungry kids and families throughout Santa Barbara County.  If you sign up, we will keep you updated on volunteer opportunities via email.
  2. Help us engage your neighborhood to organize and to check in on the elderly and other vulnerable residents. We are encouraging all neighborhoods to reach out to their neighbors to communicate with the elderly and people with access and functional needs to help them get through this difficult period of coronavirus “quarantines.”  If you have a neighborhood association in your area, join it and help them with this outreach!

Here is a video of our Neighborhood Communication in a Pandemic Webinar for more information:

Here is a PowerPoint from the webinar as well:

Join our weekly Neighborhood Mutual Aid Forum! Mondays at 11:30AM

Neighborhood organizers and leaders facilitated group pandemic forum:
If you are a neighborhood organizer looking to share neighborhood organization and assistance ideas and to learn from the wisdom of other neighborhoods.  This forum is for you.  We ask each neighborhood to have one representative present the following:

  1. 3 biggest needs in your neighborhood at this time
  2. 3 neighborhood programs that are working well in response to the pandemic

There will be a short introduction with updates and announcements by Bucket Brigade Executive Director Abe Powell and then we will do a neighborhood go round with 3 minutes for each neighborhood representative to share updates from their neighborhood.
Then we will follow up with a facilitated Q&A and call to action for the week to come.
Please invite friends to participate.  This has helped neighborhoods all around Santa Barbara County already!
If your neighborhood is doing a great job, share your wisdom!
If your neighborhood is struggling, let’s find a way to make it better.

Things you can do:

A. If you need help, go to our link: Need Help?
B. If you want to volunteer for food delivery, please email

As always, our focus will be on safely helping to meet the needs of our community.


Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade Leadership